Low Fee Twice or Thrice weekly Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy offered by Trainee Members of Psychotherapy Sussex - see below


Members of our association are listed according to their locations across Sussex. We offer Individual, Group, Child and Couple analytic psychotherapy.

We offer two methods of making contact with therapists:

  1. Directly through the menu below. This will give you information regarding the therapists in your area and their contact details.
  2. Through our referral service by leaving a message via the contact page.

We will then put you in touch with a therapist in your area who has a vacancy.

We are able to offer some limited low cost therapy.   

This may be with either:

A qualified therapist with a 'low cost' space (there are only a limited number of these available), or

A trainee member: We have very experienced Counsellors who are student members of Psychotherapy Sussex as they train to become qualified Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists. As part of their training they are able to offer twice or thrice weekly sessions for a minimum of 18 months to 2 years at a lower fee. If you are interested in this and wish to discuss it further please contact the referral coordinators through our contact form.

Please note: If you require a psychiatric assessment, please use the contact form for details.