What if I’m not sure what kind of help I need?

The therapist covering the confidential referral line may be able to advise you. Or you can ask to be referred for an initial consultation to a therapist who is experienced in different ways of working. This can help you decide whether individual, group or couples therapy would be most helpful.

What is the cost of analytic psychotherapy?

Therapists set their own fees but the following provides a guide to what you may expect to pay per session:

Individual therapy £35 to £55
Couple therapy £40 to £90
Group therapy £20 to £25
Child and adolescent therapy £40 to £60


What if I cannot afford a full fee?

Some therapists have a sliding scale of fees for those on low incomes. We also have student members undertaking further training in analytic psychotherapy. They may be able to provide a limited number low cost psychotherapy of places for people who are able to make a commitment of 18-24 months therapy. Please go to the Contact page of this website to access this service.

How long does psychotherapy last?

Analytic psychotherapy  is generally a longer term process that requires commitment. However some of our members are able to offer brief analytically focussed therapy in a time limited format.

What kind of training have your members undertaken?

Analytic psychotherapists generally train for a minimum period of four years. Psychotherapists undergo their own personal therapy and have intensive case supervision whilst in training. All our psychotherapists are required to continue their professional development through ongoing training and supervision.