Group psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy is based on the view that enduring change for individuals can occur within small, confidential therapeutic groups. It can be particularly helpful if you are experiencing interpersonal difficulties.

You can clarify your difficulties through discussion with others. You are likely to feel less isolated as you discover others are struggling with similar difficulties and are making progress with them. Your self esteem can improve as you find you can be helpful to, and appreciated by, other members of the group.

Over time, as an atmosphere of trust and intimacy develops, the therapeutic group provides the opportunity to see yourself through the eyes of others and also to bring your own understanding into the group to help others. In this way you can learn new and more rewarding ways of relating.

Groups consist of a maximum of eight people and may be single sex or mixed. The membership changes slowly over time. As with individual psychotherapy, a group psychotherapy session has no fixed agenda. Groups meet for an hour and a half once or twice weekly. There is also a group which meets over an intensive weekend every two months.  Please  contact us for further help.

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