Individual therapy

Analytic psychotherapy addresses the day-to-day events in your life and places them in the context of your current and past relationships.

The therapist offers a safe, regular relationship within which you can feel understood. In this way you can be helped to make sense of many of your difficulties. Symptoms can often be greatly alleviated by putting words to them and understanding what lies behind them. This process can leave you with a new inner strength and become the foundation for long lasting change.

A psychotherapist does not give advice but can help you explore your patterns of thinking and how you relate to others. In a typical therapy session you will be encouraged to share whatever is uppermost in your mind, including thoughts, feelings, dreams and memories. The therapist will pay great attention to everything which is communicated in a session as a way of furthering insight and understanding.

Individual analytic psychotherapy is provided in fifty minute sessions and takes place one or more times a week depending on your need and your financial resources.  Please  contact us for further help.

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