Jeremy Vintcent

email: jcvintcent@gmail.com

My aim is to create an environment in which to understand the dynamics inside that are preventing you from living life to your potential;  to foster inquiry and curiosity into the origin of your thoughts and feelings.

Anxiety and distress can be caused by internal conflicts that haven't yet been consciously understood. Psychoanalytic work requires you to be curious about your thinking. Curiosity lessens anxiety. Anxiety, unchecked, is the enemy of curiosity. It asks you to bear uncertainty. In developing the capacity to think about your thinking, even when under fire from anxieties, the ability to feel emotionally alive can be retrieved. Seeing yourself in new ways can be immensely rewarding and have a lasting effect.


Training & Qualifications

Originally qualified in Psychosynthesis Counselling and Therapy, in 1991-1994.

Delivered Person Centered Counselling Theory and Skills, Central School of Counselling and Therapy, London W.C.1

2013 Completed Qualifying Course in Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, with BPF, Leighton Road, London NW3.

Member of the BPF, and the BPC.

Professional Memberships

BACP Accredited.

BPF registered, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Adult Section.

Member of the BPC.

Therapies offered


Catchment Areas

Brighton and Hove

Additional Member Information

tel: 07747 442233
web: http://www.psychoanalytic-psychotherapy.com
Able to Supervise: Yes