What is analytic psychotherapy?

Analytic psychotherapy is widely practised in the NHS and in many other settings. Evidence based research has shown it to be effective in alleviating or resolving a wide range of psychological difficulties.

Analytic psychotherapists draw on insights from psychoanalysis to help people to understand themselves and how they relate to others. Whether working in an individual, group or couples therapy setting, all analytic psychotherapists see the therapy as a process of exploration. They follow the client’s communications as they emerge in the therapy and generally do not give advice. The therapist will also use the relationship which develops during the therapy to further insight and self-understanding.

Analytic psychotherapy is similar to some counselling approaches but aims to address difficulties at greater depth. Psychotherapy Sussex offers the assurance that all our members have undertaken several years rigorous training. This will have included extensive personal therapy and in depth work with clients over a long time and under close supervision. What is Analytic Psychotherapy?